»Only those who think beyond today will secure tomorrow.«

At Kehrbaum Architekten, every project has a common goal, a common vision. As part of a team of 25 architects with international experience, everyone fulfils their role as a function of their talents. They all agree on one thing: here, their work is not based on the competition, but on their own high standards. And because responsibility requires foresight, Klaus Kehrbaum has tasked four team members with ensuring multifunctional full service – and thereby the future of the firm.

Klaus Kehrbaum

Klaus Kehrbaum

Chairman of the board of Kehrbaum Architekten AG,
architect BDA and urban planner

Simply carrying out a project across all architectural disciplines is not enough for Klaus Kehrbaum. For him, every project needs an individual, sustainable vision. His whole passion is to develop this vision with his clients. His core precept is responding to the needs of the people for whom he builds.

Klaus Kehrbaum is aware of his high level of responsibility as an architect, as well as in his management function for 25 employees. As a versatile, courageous and authentic freethinker, he is held in high esteem by clients and has held honorary posts for many years.

For eight years, he was a member of the board of the BDA (Association of German Architects) for Swabia and Bavaria, served for 18 years as founding director of the Kunsthaus Kaufbeuren Foundation, and also held the position as energy representative for the government of Swabia and lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg and Kaiserslautern.

Klaus Kehrbaum is what he is because he can do what he can do.

Associates and management

Julian Hildebrand Senior Assoziierter

Julian Hildebrand

Senior Associate
Short bio

Born in 1977; Dipl.-Ing. (Graduate Engineer), studied architecture at the TU Munich, the Lichtakademie Bartenbach in Innsbruck and at the IAAC, Barcelona. In 2007 Lighting Designer in the lighting laboratory Bartenbach, Aldrans. Beginning in 2012, served as associate architect at HENN GmbH, Munich. Since 2019 on board at Kehrbaum Architekten.

Special skills

Light planning, general planning

Question + Answer

What architectural vision do you want to achieve above all else?

“To create sustainable buildings with timeless design for people and nature.”

Nicole Catherine Pflug-Dämpfling Senior Assoziierte

Nicole Catherine Pflug-Dämpfling

Senior Associate
Short bio

Born in 1972; Dipl.-Ing. (Graduate Engineer), studied architecture at the University of Stuttgart. Starting in 2001, worked for Steven Ehrlich Architects in Los Angeles, California, USA. In 2003 moved to Sorg & Frosch Architects, Stuttgart. Beginning in 2006, served as assistant at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Applied Sciences, Stuttgart; in 2007 switched to KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten, Munich. With Kehrbaum Architekten since 2010.

Special skills

Barrier-free and sustainable building, apartments and day-care centres

Question + Answer

What sources of inspiration do you use for the architecture of tomorrow, Nicole Pflug-Dämpfling?

“Architecture is knowledge of technology and receptivity to the artistic side of the matter.” Arne Jacobsen

Ben Leiffheidt

Senior Associate
Short bio

Born 1982; studied mechanical engineering and architecture at the TU Munich and the TU Krakow. In 2007 he founded Wohnen Am Kurpark Immobilien GbR. Since 2012, performed freelance work in the fields of graphic design, industrial design and marketing. Beginning in 2015, worked as a freelancer in the architectural office Trost. With Kehrbaum Architekten since 2019.

Special Skills

Functional and work planning, visualisations, project structure and organisation.

Question + Answer

What sources of inspiration do you use for the architecture of tomorrow?

“I try to learn from the greats of the craft, analyse their work and develop it further in everyday life. This examination of the built environment, its effects on human behaviour in everyday life and vice versa is certainly one of many sources. Architecture must improve our everyday life if it is to endure tomorrow.”

Tatjana Weikert Kaufmännische Leitung

Tatjana Weikert

Business management
Short bio

Born in 1970; completed her training in 1990 as marketing communications specialist; in 1998 became head of production, purchasing and human resources at Zellner & Pirker advertising agency.
At Kehrbaum Architekten since 2008.

Special skills

Customer contact, all commercial
and organisational matters; safety officer

Question + answer

What does the perfect city look like for you?

“Green City.”


Adriana Tredici M.A. Architektur

Adriana Tredici

M.A. Architecture
Christoph Bauer M.Sc. Urbanistik

Christoph Bauer

M.Sc. Urban studies
Gzim Mustafa B.A. Architektur

Gzim Mustafa

B.A. Architecture

Hana Kazemi

M.Sc. Climate Design

Hejla Berisha

Working student
Hossam Badr B.A. Architektur

Hossam Badr

B.A. Architektur
Jakeline Rosa

Jakeline Rosa

Dipl. Architect

Kilian König

Working student
Noreen Groesgen B.A. Architektur

Noreen Groesgen

B.A. Architecture
Oscar Buisson M.A. Architektur

Oscar Buisson

M.A. Architecture
Samuel Pircher M.A. Architektur

Samuel Pircher

M.A. Architecture

Sarah Sendzek

Working student
Tianqing He M.Sc. Architektur

Tianqing He

M.Sc. Architecture
Yichen Dai M.A. Architekt

Yichen Dai

M.A. Architect


Muamer Omerovic

3D Visualisation + Movies

Dagmar Flex