Wohnungsquartier, Banaterstraße, Geretsried

Residential quarter, Banater­straße,Geretsried

Residential quarter, Banater­straße,Geretsried




Beginning 2016 –

Total Area

128.857 sqm


In Planning


Krämmel Wohn- und Gewerbebau GmbH


Housing, subsidised housing, childcare, boarding house, essential businesses, service providers, social services

A residential quarter with exemplary character in Geretsried

At the crossroads of a commercial area and a small-scale settlement on the outskirts of Geretsried, a large area of land lay unused for many years. Since apartments were already scarce in Geretsried, an investor decided to build residential units at this location. The plan was to construct family and senior-friendly apartments and a high percentage of affordable, subsidised housing. The “Geretsried Model” was created especially for this neighbourhood: 30% of all rental apartments are now state-subsidised and are available to low-wage earners. The allocation is made by the city of Geretsried. Geretsried citizens also enjoy first right of purchase for condominiums.

Under the direction of Kehrbaum Architekten, a separate urban quarter was created here, which offers attractive living space as well as a small local supply with a bakery café, community rooms, social facilities and a boarding house.

Wohnungsquartier, Banaterstraße, Geretsried

»The unique features
of the neighbourhood become apparent
when looking at the structural details.

Wohnungsquartier, Banaterstraße, Geretsried

The Banater Straße residential quarter is shielded from noise from the nearby commerical area by means of a brick-like construction along the perimeter. This ensures that the apartments are not directly exposed to excess noise.

Due to the high groundwater level, the entire neighbourhood is raised to the first storey level. Parking spaces have been placed in a large, open parking deck under the greened ground floor ceiling. With daylight openings and lateral light incidence, this car park is largely naturally lit and ventilated. Moreover, the extraordinary room height even allows a delivery zone for lorries.

Wohnungsquartier, Banaterstraße, Geretsried
Wohnungsquartier, Banaterstraße, Geretsried

»This is where mobility meets modern quality of life.«

All leisure activities take place traffic-free on the leafy first storey level. Here there are gardens next to attractively designed square areas dedicated to Geretsried’s sister cities: there is an Eidsvoller Platz, the Pusztavamer Platz, the Nickelsdorfer Platz and the Chamalières Platz. Playgrounds and recreation areas for young people have also been created throughout the neighbourhood. Tenants’ gardens are just as common here as the private garden areas of the ground floor residents.

»The architecture became a design guideline: it is multi-layered, sophisticated and reflects the high standards of the construction company.«

Wohnungsquartier, Banaterstraße, Geretsried